In response to an article printed on the front page of the Citrus County Chronicle April 24th 2019 we at Lakeside Country Club would like to clarify a few points made. First and foremost Lakeside Country Club is not Van Der Valk Golf Resort as stated in the third paragraph. Lakeside has never been in business with Van Der Valk. Lakeside did however lease the restaurant which until the 14th of April was operated under the name Van Der Valk. The decision to terminate the lease agreement for failure to pay was not made lightly and was based purely from a financial stand point. Lakeside Country Club does in fact own the golf course and the restaurant it’s self. We are concerned our patrons could make the assumption that because the golf course was called “Van Der Valk Golf Resort” in the article persons could assume the course was closed also along with the restaurant. This is not the case, we remain open for business and have leased the restaurant to a new operator which we believe will be open for business soon. We do not currently have any information as to the name of the restaurant or type of food. This is not intended to point fingers but only to clarify that we are Lakeside Country Club and we remain open for business with a new restaurant coming soon.